Credit where it’s due: John McCain has consistently advocated for embryonic stem cell research has reported on a grossly inaccurate claim by the Obama campaign the Mr Obama’s Republican opponent in the Presidential election, 2008, has “has stood in the way–he’s opposed stem cell research.”  In fact, McCain has consistently supported moves in the Senata to provide funding for embryonic stem cell research.

McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, has said that she opposes embryonic stem cell research where there are alternatives such as adult stem cells.  Their party calls for a blanket ban on the embryonic stem cell research, going considerably further than the Bush government.

Very straightforward: Obama’s responses to Nature on an evolution and stem cell questions

PZ Myers reports on Nature’s election 2008 edition,  He is understandably very proud of Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s response to a question on evolution:

I believe in evolution, and I support the strong consensus of the scientific community that evolution is scientifically validated. I do not believe it is helpful to our students to cloud discussions of science with non-scientific theories like intelligent design that are not subject to experimental scrutiny.

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