Avast! Ahead be windbags!

This is lifted from the Guardian Talk website. It made me laugh,and I hope it amuses you too.  These are parody responses attributed to various right wing and conservative pundits to the dramatic rescue of Captain Richard Phillips who was held hostage by pirates last week.  Arrr.

brooklyny – 03:40am Apr 13, 2009 GMT

shamelessly stolen from a poster at The New Republic: what Republican commentators have to say about the rescue of the captain —

Rush Limbaugh: Why did it take a Democrat days to accomplish what a Republican president would have accomplished in hours?

Sean Hannity: Piracy is a direct result of a liberal philosophy.

Ann Coulter: It’s obvious the whole thing was staged to bolster Obama’s abysmal poll numbers.

Michelle Malkin: At least 2 of the pirates were seen in the crowd at Obama’s inauguration.

Glenn Beck: Can pirates in Kansas be far behind!!!

Lou Dobbs: This never would have happened with a wall separating America from the rest of the world.

Bill O’Reilly: Secular progressive pirates are pinheads.

Tim LaHaye: This was all predicted in the Book of Revelations.

Sarah Palin: We can see pirates from Alaska.

Bobby Jindal:Pirate cells in America are all in the blue states.

Michael Steele: Rush and I both agree the Republican party platform should denounce pirates.