The chickens are coming home to roost

I predict that Senator McCain will have a very rough ride through October. Even the Conservative pundits are muttering darkly about Sarah Palin’s inadequate performance in the few interviews she’s been allowed to make. I saw a few minutes of her interview with Katie Kouric and I found it toe-curlingly embarrassing. Give her another month, and nobody will want this idiot anywhere near the White House. The knives are out.

McCain himself looks out of his league in the glare of publicity over the Wall Street crash and the proposed bail-out. I don’t mind saying that I expect Obama to wipe the floor with him in every way. He’s lost his way, he’s on the way out.

Women boo McCain over Roe v. Wade

Republican Presidential candidate John McCain was booed by a mainly female audience, who had cheered some of his earlier statements, on ABC’s The View, September 11, 2008.

In response to a question on abortion from conservative panelist, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, McCain had said “I believe Roe v. Wade was a very bad decision, it was a bad decision.”  In polls by different organizations over some years now, the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision declaring most laws against abortion unconstitutional has usually been found to have nearly 2:1 support among Americans, but it remains controversial.

More RNC shenanigans in Twin Cities

From the Associated Press, whose photographer Matt Rourke was arrested and held without charge earlier in the week:

From the ACLU newsroom:

Jon Stewart demolishes Republican pundits

Pharyngula is carrying a hilarious exposee of Republican two-facedness on candidate selection issues.  I can only agree with PZ Myers: Jon Stewart is brilliant.

If this is how they run the campaign, why let them run the country?

PZ Myers in Morris, Minnesota has been using his award-winning science blog, Pharyngula, to report on the extremely heavy-handed policing at the Republican National Convention in the Twin Cities.  This is very disturbing indeed.

  • Shame on Minnesota – August 30, 2008: large scale police raids in the Twin Cities area
  • Thugs at work – September 1, 2008: Peace and human rights activist Amy Goodman arrested on “probable cause for riot”

UPDATE: PZ says The Minnesota Independent is keeping up to date on the latest news from the RNC.