Türkiye’de Yasaklandı. Türkiye’de Bakınız Richard Dawkins burada.

Banned in Turkey. Read Richard Dawkins in Turkish here.

Richard Dawkins’ website has been banned in Turkey, but mine has not.

For those living in Turkey, here’s an update from the website:

  • The Turkish edition of Dawkins’ book. The Ancestor’s Tale, sold out within a day
  • There is a Turkish translation of the offending article. See below.

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Newspapers and blogs misrepresent Dennis Wheeler on climate change

You may have read in some blog or newspaper over the past month or so a story that went something like “Old logs from Captain Cook show that warming periods such as the one we’ve had most of the past century are normal” and going on to say that this casts doubt on global warming.

The articles cite work by Dennis Wheeler, a geographer at Sunderland University.  Dennis is not a happy bunny.

Contacted by Ben Goldacre, famous for his “Bad Science” column in The Guardian that (among other things) roots out bad science journalism, Wheeler said:

Now I’ve had emails from cranks around the world thinking I’m some kind of anti-global warming conspiracy theorist and a friend to them. I’m most certainly not. The newspapers grossly and crassly misrepresented everything we are doing.

Far from it, he’s convinced that climate change is real, and his work has been grossly misrepresented by scientifically illiterate or dishonest journalists out to feed the denialist conspiracy thery

Full story at this link:

Blogs that seem to have at least partially misreported this story: