If this is how they run the campaign, why let them run the country?

PZ Myers in Morris, Minnesota has been using his award-winning science blog, Pharyngula, to report on the extremely heavy-handed policing at the Republican National Convention in the Twin Cities.  This is very disturbing indeed.

  • Shame on Minnesota – August 30, 2008: large scale police raids in the Twin Cities area
  • Thugs at work – September 1, 2008: Peace and human rights activist Amy Goodman arrested on “probable cause for riot”

UPDATE: PZ says The Minnesota Independent is keeping up to date on the latest news from the RNC.

Crucified cartoon frog angers Pope, President in hospital. Jesus still dead.

It’s that Crazy Frog again! Continue reading

Crackergate: now it’s your turn

On the storm-in-a-teacup that has become Crackergate, my opinion has been expressed volubly and at length in my comments on postings to other blogs and forums.  See the following for my most significant contributions:

So this is a chance for you to make your own comments.