Half of London parents are officially stupid and selfish

The BBC reported yesterday, 24 September, 2008 that Measels, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine takeup among five-year-olds in London was just under 50 per cent. The stupidest and most selfish parents live in the Newham (42% takeup), Islington (43% takeup), and Brent Teaching health trusts (43% takeup).

London Assembly Health and Public Services Committee chair James Cleverley reports: “The gap between coverage levels achieved in the capital and the national average is widening.” Living in London, it seems, makes you stupid. Particularly stupid given the high population density of the boroughs with the stupidest parents.

“Compared to the country’s average of 74%, only 49% of children in the capital have had the MMR vaccine and booster by their fifth birthday”, says Cleverley.

If you live in London, the only way to protect your children from the behavior of these irresponsible and selfish parents is to make sure your own kids are kept away from those who haven’t been immunized, and make sure their own vaccination is kept up to date. Make sure you ask other parents if they’re sending their kids out to play with yours without being properly immunized.

Unless you want to go back to the state of affairs that existed in my childhood, when measles was regarded as inevitable and all kids took their chances of brain damage and death, treat those parents who refuse the jab as pariahs. Don’t let them risk your children’s life.

The risk from mumps and rubella should not be ignored, either. Mumps can make a post-pubertal male sterile and Rubella can induce congenital defects in a child if the mother is exposed to the disease during pregnancy. This is no laughing matter. Put all the social pressure you can on these stupid, selfish and misguided people.