When Hot Dogs Attack!

Kudos to the Fresno Bee who have informed the world about the Dastardly Spice and Sausage Attacker.

A burglar who broke into a home just east of Fresno rubbed food seasoning over the body of one of two men as they slept in their rooms and then used an 8-inch sausage to whack the other man on the face and head before running out of the house, Fresno County sheriff’s deputies said Saturday.

The victims, both farmworkers, told deputies they were awakened by a stranger applying “Pappy’s Seasoning” to one of them and striking the other with a sausage.

Burrimond said the money was recovered, but that the piece of sausage used in the attack was discarded by the suspect and eaten by a dog.

That’s right, the dog ate the weapon,” Burrimond said.

“I tell you, this was one weird case.”

You know, I said this would happen if they wound down the Guantanamo Bay camps.  All those highly trained interrogators with knowledge of advanced torture techniques and nowhere to practice them.

What on earth are they up to at CERN? New York Times gives an exclusive clue

Excuse my schooboy humor

Excuse my schooboy humor

Well even with the blatant attempts to awaken the beasts of the nether dimensions, I expect it would be a bit much to expect tentacle porn, but this is the next best thing.

The image was scanned from New York Times, March 29, 2008

I ripped it shamelessly from largehardoncollider.com and cropped it to a reasonable size.

Obviously I think CERN is up to a bit more than just a cheesy remake of The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife.  Goodness me, it’s a serious business, this Big Physics.  Chaps in hard hats and inscrutable bits of huge kit the size of cathedrals.  Well done those chaps, and good luck for the morrow.

Talking of this “size of a cathedral” trope that seems to be popular with journalists writing about the Large Hadron Collider, I wonder whether the CGPM will take steps to standardize this dimension.  I’d hate to see the CERN officials having to report failure because one team built according to the specifications of Chartres Cathedral and another team assumed Canterbury units.

headcrabs lol

Gordon Freeman spotted at Large Hadron Collider

Gordon Freeman spotted at Large Hadron Collider

The Combine is coming for you

From My[confined]Space

Just a theory

Remember its just a theory.

Remember it's just a theory.

This is from the reDiscovery Institute.

Jon Stewart demolishes Republican pundits

Pharyngula is carrying a hilarious exposee of Republican two-facedness on candidate selection issues.  I can only agree with PZ Myers: Jon Stewart is brilliant.

Does God exist?

What better way to settle the big questions of the day than by the most reliable method of scholasticism: a swimming pool cat fight between two pretty girls in bikinis.

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Crucified cartoon frog angers Pope, President in hospital. Jesus still dead.

It’s that Crazy Frog again! Continue reading

A new form of craziness abounds

This is an exceedingly stupid application, but it’s fun. The displayed map shows members of the Richard Dawkins forum who have chosen to add information about themselves to the map.  You can see a photograph, an email address, and a one-line comment from each person.

Har har, I iz pwn3d

SETI Finally Gets A Signal

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