Russell Brand tames down act for Americans at the VMAs, gets asked back

Russell Brand did well at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) in Los Angeles last Monday.  He’s very pleased with the result, and apparently so are the sponsors.

MTV told me that they want me to do it again. Afterwards they were really thrilled. There was a 20 per cent increase in viewers from last year’s show and wow, isn’t life exciting.

Brand had to tone his act down a bit for the live show, which went out to an audience of 8.4 million people.

I had John McCain gags pulled. And they asked me to tone down the gags about Sarah Palin. I wanted to say she was forcing her teenage daughter to have a baby because she is so anti-abortion.

But also, as a Republican she is pro-execution so she is going to give her the electric chair for being a little slut.

They weren’t keen on that one.

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