Examining a creationist argument on the fossil record

This is a followup to an earlier posting that examined the first part of this posting by somebody who calls himself Sirius Knott.  Creationists tend to make bold claims that attempt to rubbish the consensus of biologists, geologists and paleontologists, reveal their ignorance of the field, and wonder why nobody takes them seriously.  Sirius seems to follow the same pattern.

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Examining a creationist case against modern geology

I encountered this posting by Sirius Knott and asked him to read some textbooks.  After a bit he got bored with my patient requests that he educate himself, and even grew tired of taunting me.  Fair enough.  Time for me to deal in detail with his errors–because there are a lot of people who have ideas like this and they probably, deep down, are seeking some kind of response from the scientific point of view.  I’ll present my response by links to standard answers, for the most part, because these objections have been raised by creationists many times in the past, and they have no scientific credibility.  There is absolutely nothing new about creationism or intelligent design.  The same arguments have been raised again and again down the decades, but not one of them has convinced the scientific community.

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When faith kills: part 2, Ava Worthington, Oregon

A manslaughter indictment in Oregon shows that slow progress is being made.

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Fatwa envy

A new term for a new phenomenon: Christians who wish they could use Muslim scare tactics

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Sheep on London Bridge

It’s not just an urban legend: freemen of the City of London really do have the right to drive sheep across London Bridge, and on Sunday, August 31st, 2008, that is exactly what four freemen did.  Seven Romney rams were driven across the bridge to raise awareness of a campaign to raise funds to preserve Canterbury Cathedral.