Essential science books

I have apparently contracted a case of The Dreaded Lurgi.  The only way to get rid of it is to pass it on.  The particulars of the malady are that my blog has been tagged by Epiphenom in a blog meme called ‘Science Books for Undergrads’.

“Imagine: YOU are asked to assign a half-dozen-or-so books as required reading for ALL science majors at a college as part of their 4-year degree; NOT technical or text books, but other works, old or new, touching upon the nature of science, philosophy, thought, or methodology in a way that a practicing scientist might gain from.”

I”ve chosen five books.

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Tangled Bank #113

Science wonks and wonkettes lusting for more of the hard stuff can head over to En Tequila Es Verdad for issue number 113 of the science blog carnival, Tangled Bank.  I’ve got two items on there myself.

Tangled Bank #112 is out

Oh I forgot to mention that Tangled Bank #112 went up on the Science Notes blog on Thursday.  In case you’re not familiar with this, it’s described by PZ Myers as “a weekly showcase of good weblog writing, selected by the authors themselves…[in the] field of science and medicine, very broadly defined.”  And it contains my first contribution.

The blogging impulse

xkcd cartoon, \ Well it’s fun, isn’t it?

Or maybe it saves the planet, or something.

I comment a lot on forums and (very recently) other people’s blogs.  I enjoy discussing controversial matters and I can be quite assertive when I think the evidence is with me and the case is worth arguing (my dictum is that only truly trivial things are worth arguing about).I’ve run blogs in the past, but for some reason I  don’t understand they tend to be about kittens and butterflies and bunny rabbits, quite unlike the kind of discussion I enjoy getting involved in.  I don’t know whether this one is likely to be any different.  We’ll see.

(Thanks to xkcd for the cartoon)