My complaint to Channel4 about the loss of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

My complaint is about Channel4’s apparent decision to scale back showings of Comedy Central’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Late last year a friendly and satirical rally organized by Comedy Central and headlined by Jon Stewart, Steve Colbert and other Daily Show performers drew tens of thousands of people in bitterly cold weather. More recently Stewart’s intervention during the lame duck session of Congress was credited with securing virtually unanimous agreement for a bill covering the exceptional healthcare needs of 9/11 First Responders–people who dug in the rubble of the World Trade Centre in their country’s time of need.

The Daily Show has become an essential key to understanding US politics and popular culture, and for that reason I admire Channel4 for bringing it to us in the UK.

It also happens to be the best political satire programme in the world.

Please restore daily broadcasts.