JREF has been suspended from Youtube

Please read this posting by PZ Myers about the suspension of the James Randi Educational Foundation’s Youtube account, pass it on and do what you can to make sure the suspension is reversed.

UPDATE: please read this notice by Phil Plait, President of the James Randi Educational Foundation..

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  1. This is not the first time Youtube has pulled this sort of stunt. PZ covered an earlier incident http://www.scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2007/02/tube_atheists.php but he doesn’t mention that in that blog post. Youtube in general has a very bad history of dealing with both skepticism and atheism.

  2. They’re understaffed and vulnerable. On the other hand a good large-scale protest of an unjustified suspension or banning is likely to get some notice and a swift response is likely.

  3. YouTube’s hands are tied by the DMCA. The DMCA gives power to corporations to launch frivolous legal claims, such as a DMCA, with little to no concern of any repercussion. The problem is the law, and it’s going to keep happening until Congress does something to either change the DMCA or repeal it.

    Rumor is that Oprah’s people are to blame for this nonsense. I kinda figured early on that it was her.

  4. The DMCA would require take down of individual videos until relevant counterclaims are filed. There is zero in the DMCA that would require account suspension. So this is still Youtube’s fault.

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