Taking a punt

I’m going to take a great big punt on “Conservative” Republican ambitions:

  • go hell for leather on opposition to abortion
  • pretend that spending won’t end the depression
  • deny, deny, deny again, global warming

It isn’t going to work. An administration promised good times for eight year and delivered ashes.  Global warming is now universally recognised as a problem and only die-hards deny it.  Abortion is about the contents of your womb, not the opinion of some godbotherer.

The Republicans must find new ambitions.  These ones got old and died


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  1. I wouldn’t be too sure about global warming. There is a scientific consensus. And in Western Europe the general populace thinks that global warming is real. However, over the last few years the percentage of the US population that is convinced that anthropogenic global warming is occurring is at best holding constant or going down, while the fraction convinced that current warming trends are due to natural cycles has increased over the last few years. See http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/issues2/articles/44_say_global_warming_due_to_planetary_trends_not_people

  2. Global warming denial as an issue is even deader than the idea that Noah made a boat and chased all the animals into it.

  3. Well, it might be deader in that anthropogenic global warming denial does have fewer adherents in the US than the fraction that believes in Noah’s Ark. But that isn’t saying much. By some accounts the fraction which believes in Noah’s Ark is around 60% in the US(although most studies show it to be smaller). http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2004/feb/16/20040216-113955-2061r/

    It is easy to dismiss these sorts of beliefs as dead when one is in Great Britain, but on this side of the pond they exist in force. And they need to be dealt with on a regular basis.

  4. The ideas are dying. Obama killed them.

  5. As a die hard fiscal conservative, I believe that Keynesian economic theory is a joke. Emptying cups of kool aid on a house fire has no effect. You need to use a tanker (supply side economics) By creating a business friendly atmosphere, you create jobs. I do agree with you that the current leadership needs to go bye bye

  6. I’ve thought about that for a bit. Didn’t the previous administration go out of its way to create a “business-friendly atmosphere” by passing tax cuts for the rich and reducing regulation? There comes a point at which you have to admit these measures aren’t, in the long run, business-friendly.

    The most business-friendly thing any government can do is to place the money in the hands of those who have little choice but to spend it on the necessities; communities that have suffered from neglect and need new schools and libraries and roads, people who are in dire need because they have been dumped by their employers, but whose daily spending keeps the local community alive.

    I don’t think committed supply-siders even fully understand what economics is about. Demand plays a crucial role.

  7. Handing money to the rich is a noble cause, but has nothing to do with business. The only way to make a business friendly atmosphere is by making laws that encourage productivity and do not create hoops for business. Handing out money to spur demand is a defective and non functional model of thinking. The Great Depression was extended by such thinking. By handing money to business, you put it where it will have the most impact. The key is not to bolster the 7% on the dole, but to support the 93% who are productive citizens. Also this investment encourages production rather than an unsustainable spending spree.

  8. Oh yes, the curious myth that FDR failed. See here for an examination of the facts on that one.

    As for your statement that “handing money to the rich is a noble cause” or your bizarre contention that the richest are the most productive, I’ll assume that they are the results of poor education rather than deliberate trolling.

  9. Did you hear that Chuck Norris wants Texas to secede from the union so that he can become its president?
    Sounds a bit treasony to me. I say let them go; they’ll come whining back like the spineless bullies they are. Maybe Chucky can make Geo.plrd his Secretary of Treasury.

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