Getting an error fixed on the main page of Conservapedia

Conservapedia is an alternative to Wikipedia set up by conservative educator and activist Andrew Schlafly in late 2006, after Schlafly experienced difficulties editing Wikipedia from a conservative viewpoint.  Schlafly says Wikipedia is full of errors (I agree) and that it censors the conservative viewpoint.  A few weeks ago I had some interactions with the Conservapedia administrators, summarized here, after an inflammatory article was placed into Conservapedia by a vandal or parodist.

Like Wikipedia, Conservapedia has a main page that introduces the encyclopedia.  Like Wikipedia, Conservapedia carries news on its front page.  Like Wikipedia, Conservapedia protects the main page content, meaning that you need special privileges to edit it.

How does Conservapedia handle serious errors of fact?  There has been some talk in the news media about Conservapedia’s authoritarian and heavy-handed spproach to those who disagree with the opinions of Andrew Schlafly, but how does Conservapedia handle a simple error of fact?

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