Col Allan doesn’t understand how he has offended many people. Perhaps this will help

"They'll have to find someone else to edit the New York Post"

"They'll have to find someone else to edit the New York Post"

The New York Post on Wednesday offended a lot of people by showing a cartoon depicting the recent shooting of a violently enraged chimpanzee, with the caption “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.”

After two days of protest the newspaper’s editor, Col Allan, issued an “apology” editorial in which he contrived to attack the very same people to whom he had caused offense.

As Mr Allan seems to be unable to understand why the cartoon caused such offense, I reproduce the cartoon here with an altered caption  intended as an aid to his comprehension..


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  1. Where were you and your condemnation when Bush was REPEATEDLY compared to a chimp and a monkey?? (see If I created a website called and had a bunch of pictures of him and a monkey side-by-side, I would be tried, sentenced, and convicted by each and every one of people like you. But when it’s a white guy, namely someone hated by the hypocritical left in this country, it’s just “comedy” and “political satire”. So who is the real racists here? I bet you are the type that laugh when black comedians stand up there with their “white people this, white people that,” comments and don’t consider that racism either.

    Here’s the deep, dark truth: RACISM WORKS BOTH WAYS! You want racism to stop? You have to stop too. Condem ALL racism, not just racism against your race!

    P.S. It probably didn’t bother you either when black people were interviewed on multiple television and radio stations stating they were voting for Obama because he’s black….no, that’s not racism, that’s being “proud” of your race. Funny how having pride in your race is accepted but others having pride in their race is racist in your eyes….

  2. Anti-Racist,

    You seem to be missing the point: comparisons of Bush to a chimp were juvenile but didn’t hinge on classical racist caricatures (that black people are or act like or look like monkeys). That’s the primary issue here.

    Also I suspect that Tony was not happy with people who voted for Obama because he was black. I don’t see why you assume otherwise.

  3. I suggest a thought experiment. Imagine it’s February, 2008, and the President is still George W. Bush. Can anyone imagine an inoffensive caption that can be taken as referring to Bush as the chimpanzee in that context?

    I cannot think of one. The guns in the hands of the police, and the bloody corpse, do make a difference.

  4. Your hero Darwin said it all.

  5. I don’t know that he had any relevant opinions. He was a zoologist, but zoology isn’t much use in this context.

  6. The Chairman of the New York Post, Rupert Murdoch, has printed a personal apology in the pages of the newspaper.

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