Simon Conway Morris still thinks “God did it” is a scientific statement

I’ve just picked up Larry Moran’s teaser “Can You Guess Who Wrote This?” on his Sandwalk blog. As the words are a restatement of Paley’s classic but long ago debunked Watchmaker analogy and the Sandwalk article is accompanied by a photograph of the paleontologist and champion of theistic evolution, Simon Conway Morris, there isn’t much of a mystery.  There original article by Conway Morris, Darwin was right. Up to a point, appeared in Thursday’s Guardian as part of its Darwin 200 coverage.

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Telegraph and Daily Mail jump off the deep end over Jennie Cain case

If you read the British daily newspapers or their websites you may have seen this: “Primary school receptionist ‘facing sack’ after daughter talks about Jesus to classmate” (Daily Telegraph, Thursday), “Christian school receptionist row: More bishops speak out in support of Jennie Cain” (Daily Telegraph, Friday).  The Daily Mail also picked up the story on Friday.  But according to sources closer to the story they’ve got it wrong and have been misled. Continue reading