Okay, but I will say this

I never understood the “hockey mom” thing. Was that supposed to be a claim that she wasn’t spending lots of money on her looks?  Because if she hadn’t, I’d say she was even dumber than she sounded.  But if there are people who are surprised that the Republican Party spent a lot of money making Sarah Palin look as good as she could look, then there are a lot of Americans who are more stupid than Sarah Palin,

And really, if you think it’s wrong for a political party to make its candidates look as good as they can look, then really I give up.

What’s the point?


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  1. I guess I’m not surprised the Republican Party spent so much on Palin. You’re right; of course, they would.

    But I am dismayed that $150,000 in donations people thought were helping their candidate was spent on clothing and hair-dos and those new golden highlights she’s sporting. Seems a waste.

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