Victoria has decriminalized abortion

Nine MSN and the Melbourne Herald Sun report that the Victorian Abortion Reform Act has passed in the legislative council unamended by the same 23/17 vote that it passed in the upper chamber, which I reported yesterday.

Although the bill was expected to pass, the quick rejection of all the amendments was unexpected, making the ride to law relatively swift, if not smooth.  Some anti-abortionists have threatened “retribution”.

This represents a huge leap forward for women’s rights in Victoria.


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  1. “This represents a huge leap forward for women’s rights in Victoria.”

    Does that include the women crushed and dismembered in their mother’s wombs? Remember, over 50% of abortions kill unborn females (virtually all gender selection abortions are done to destroy women).

    Science shows that the unborn are human beings from conception. Go read any secular embryology textbook. So to be pro-abortion is to be either anti-science or pro-legalized killing of humans.


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