UK Catholic hierarchy attempting to hamper abortion reform

In countries where it is unable to mount any realistic challenge to abortion rights, the Catholic church still seeks ways to make things harder for women seeking abortion. A letter in the Guardian reported yesterday, 3 October, 2008, that the Catholic church is exhorting its members in the UK to mobilize against reforms that would make it easier for women to obtain abortions early in a pregnancy.

Currently in the UK a woman needs two doctors’ signatures for an abortion, even early in the pregnancy, and unlike in some countries she is not permitted to take prescribed abortifacients at home but must have them administered at a clinic.  The reform would normalize abortion under the 24-week limit with modern best clinical practice.  Another part of the reform would permit abortion in Northern Ireland for the first time.  These badly needed modernizations are to be tabled before Parliament later this year.

The letter is signed by Jon O’Brien, President of Catholics for Choice, MPs from all three major parties, the representatives of reproductive health organizations and campaigning organizations.

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