What a change in forty years: homosexuality

Time Magazine, February 12, 1965 carried an article “Homosexuals Can Be Cured” in which a Doctor Samuel B. Hadden argued that the influence of Freud and the number of homosexuals who believed themselves to be happy that way meant that few cures were attempted.  He worked mainly with men because he had never had enough lesbian “patients”.  At that time the opinion of the psychiatric and psychological establishments was still that homosexual orientation was pathological.

Time Magazine, October 31, 1969 carried another article, “Are Homosexuals Sick?”  The magazine asked eight experts, two of whom were described as “admitted homosexuals”, to a symposium in New York City where they discussed the question.

This debate was very different in tone.  I am struck by the attitude of Rev. Robert Weeks, who spoke of two men of his acquaintance who had been together for many years: ” Both of them are very happy and very much in love. They asked me to bless their marriage, and I am going to do it.”

Which brings us right up to date, really!


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  1. i find it absurd that people today can be so indignant about gay rights, when nine times out of ten it doesn’t even concern them. fewer people were worried about the LHC causing a black hole that would swollow the earth.

    i forgot to reply to your comment on my blog about atheism, but i wanted to quickly comment. i thought it was particularly relevant that you cited people living in rural america because although i do live in a city, i live right in the middle of bible belt, usa. it is completely true that most atheists are afraid to come out here, and many of them continue to go to church and go through the motions just to avoid the suspicion. several years ago when i moved from a small town to start university in a new city, i decided that i wasn’t going to hide my atheism, and that i would defend it with reason and respect. i found that some of my best friends from school were christians and respected my beliefs because i allowed for us all to maintain our dignity despite our disagreement.

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