Another reason to use Google

FT reports that Google publicly opposes California Proposition 8.

I can’t wait to see the fundies all calling for a boycott and switching their gmail accounts.

4 Responses

  1. I really hope Google doesn’t change their stance on this.

  2. And yet, if they went the other way, bleeding hearts would be calling for a boycott. Example: The hotel owner of the Hyatt in San Diego supported Prop 8. As a result, all these organizations called for a boycott. I don’t think Google needs to be boycotted. I just don’t think a COMPANY should take a stand either way. In the case of the Hotel Owner, he took a personal stand. That had nothing to do with the company. The Hyatt should not take a stand to support or oppose the owner. It should remain out of it since it serves both interests.

  3. I don’t see the problem with a boycott either way.There has been a call for a boycott over the Hallmark greeting cards for gay marriage.

  4. @ Anzanite – Why exactly is it bad for a company to say “we don’t stand for hate” and “we value our employees”? I’m personally glad they’ve added their voice to the throng.

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