Thugs firebomb publisher’s home

The Telegraph reports that thugs have firebombed the home of Martin Rynja, owner of publishing company Gibson Square  Religious extremists supporting the attack warn that further attacks will follow.

The company recently acquired the rights to publish a book, The Jewel of Medina, by Sherry Jones,  Three men are being questioned by police.


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  1. I’m always amazed at how fragile the icons of Islamic faith seem to be that they need such radical protection from their followers.

    In addition to the terrible crime committed against the publisher, fear of Muslim reprisal apparently prevented Jones’ book from seeing the lights of day in the U.S. according to the Telegraph article you link to. Here is a quote from that article:

    “The novel, which focuses on the relationship between Mohammed and his child bride Aisha, was recently dropped from publication in the United States by the publishers Random House amid fears that it would anger Muslims.”

    Random House should be ashamed of itself for bowing down to the intellectual intimidation of Islam.

  2. Random House should hold its head up high for not making a mockery of religious history and turning it into soft pornography by not allowing the publication of this controversial book.

    The author however should be ashamed of themsevles for trying to fan the flames of hatred which have been ignited long ago and using “freedom of speech” as an excuse to publish such a despised book.

    One wonders if someone was to write about the queens “personal” lovelife in explicit terms how far that would push “freedom of speech”

    intellectuals have better reading materials!

  3. The queen has been lampooned mercilessly for decades. Check for instance the film “Churchill, the Hollywood Years” and Sue Townsend’s novel “The Queen and I”, both of which give differing versions of the queen’s private life, neither of them particularly flattering. Private Eye famously calls her “Brenda” for no discernible reason. It hasn’t yet brought the monarchy crashing down around our ears, and the offices of Private Eye are not threatend by outraged monarchists bearing petrol-soaked rags.

    I hope the shits who did this spend a long, long time in jail. Serve them bloody well right.

  4. Muslims condemn the book but you know not one of them have read it. They hear about it and go mad.

    It is time to not give in but I hear Martin Rynja is thinking about not having it published.

    Beyond the issue of this novel, if the people in America, Britain, and elsewhere who are threatened by the global jihad and Islamic supremacism are not willing to stand up and fight for the ability to hold in conscience to views that differ from those that Muslims wish us to hold, then all is lost.

    The jihadists are willing to go all the way — to give up their very lives — in their quest to control ours. For them, no price is too high.

    What price is too high for us?

  5. Bearing in mind that Martin Rynja’s personal safety and that of his employees and those of his printer are at issue, only he can decide how to proceed now. I hear that he is now in hiding and taking advice from friends. That’s the right thing to do. Nothing can be gained by precipitate action.

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