The chickens are coming home to roost

I predict that Senator McCain will have a very rough ride through October. Even the Conservative pundits are muttering darkly about Sarah Palin’s inadequate performance in the few interviews she’s been allowed to make. I saw a few minutes of her interview with Katie Kouric and I found it toe-curlingly embarrassing. Give her another month, and nobody will want this idiot anywhere near the White House. The knives are out.

McCain himself looks out of his league in the glare of publicity over the Wall Street crash and the proposed bail-out. I don’t mind saying that I expect Obama to wipe the floor with him in every way. He’s lost his way, he’s on the way out.


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  1. I doubt that either of them will be doing any wiping. Most likely, as in the last 2 presidential elections, it will come down to one or two states with the victor just barely sliding into it. Contrary to what much of the American media likes to report, Palin has electrified and extended McCain’s base and Obama is afraid of hitting her too hard. Obama has some issues of poor judgment to get past and McCain has to get separate himself from Bush. The polls change daily with any number of results showing each leading the other by a couple of points. McCain is a strong debater with 2 more debates to go. We’ll see how Palin holds up against Biden this Thursday. All that to say that I don’t think it will be a landslide “wiping” by either side.

  2. I wrote the above before I saw the Tina Fey spoof at the weekend. Palin is a laughing stock, and the polls are agreeing that Obama led in a debate that was predominately about McCain’s primary issue: foreign policy.

    A few more weeks of this…

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