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Primaeval slime

If someone built a time machine, travelled back to 3.5 billion years ago, collected a sample of the primaeval slime, brought said sample back to the present, and showed this piece of Conservapedia fuckwittery to said sample of primaeval slime, the primaeval slime in question would curl up and die in despair at the thought that it went to all the trouble of launching 3.5 billion years of evolution of life on Earth, only to produce something whose palsied level of cognitive functioning was beneath that of a rock. Calilasseia on 26 Sep 2008 11:3, RichardDawkins.net forum, on Andrew Schlafly, “re: Conservapedia wants to see Lenski’s research data”

The occasion of this remark is the long-running attempt by Andrew Schlafly, scientifically challenged founder of Conservapedia, to discredit the work of biologist Richard Lenski.

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