Access to abortion by US minors reduced by crippling state laws

The anti-abortion organizations are crowing about a major victory in the United States.  Where parental involvement laws have been introduced, access to abortion by minors has been crippled, resulting in reduced abortion rates in those states.  On average the abortion rate in the state falls by nearly 14% when such laws are introduced.  Parental consent laws cripple access to abortion more than parental notification laws.

The organizations are actually pleased by this appalling result.  Meanwhile the rest of the world makes steady progress towards more liberal abortion laws.  In 2007, Mexico City and Portugal legalized abortion for the first time.  Victoria’s upper house is currently considering a law to take abortion off the Crimes Act.  The Abortion Law Reform Bill comfortably passed the lower house. In India, the federal government is considering extending the cut-off date for abortions from 20 weeks to 24. In Span and Kenya, more liberal laws are being considered.  The Spanish legislation is promised “before July, 2009”.

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