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“Sex in confessionals” book angers religious kooks

“101 Places To Have Sex Before You Die” is a humorous catalog of unusual places in which to have sex, with facetious comments about the prognosis, advantages, and drawbacks of each.  One of its suggestions has unsurprisingly angered some people whose chosen occupation these days is to express anger.

Yes, it’s Bill Donohue again.  How did you guess?  Bill is thundering against the thing: “The kind of people who would have sex in the confessional would also have sex in a graveyard. And I don’t mean with each other,” he told the New York Post.  A spokesperson for the Archdiocese of New York said “This is sick stuff and the authors and the book publishers should be ashamed of themselves…Let’s hope the reaction from people is… strong.”

Thanks to both for letting us all know about this–previously unheard-of–booklet.  Who knows what damage might have been caused had it remained in obscurity.

Apparently the times to avoid are Sundays and church feast days, when parishioners are likely to want to use the church for other purposes.  The book lists drawbacks as “splinters, ex-communication, Peeping (Father) Tom.”  Kudos goes to NEWS.com.au, who ran the story under the headline “O Come All Ye Faithful.”

In 2002, Simon & Schuster, the publisher’s sister company Viacom was fined $357,000 for an ad for a radio station that showed a couple having sex in St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

The book is due to be published in Britain in early November, just in time for Christmas.


3 Responses

  1. I made out with a bisexual Baptist girl in front of a cemetery a couple years ago…does that count? She may have failed a bit with her wind analogy to convert me back to theism. lol

  2. I do understand Billy being uncomfortable with that suggestion.
    Sex scandals in churches should be restricted to members of the clergy, some kind of privilege, you see what I mean?

    Ben, as long as no zombie was involved I guess you get the point ;-)

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