JK Rowling wins Harry Potter Lexicon case, Steve Vander Ark to publish new book

The Guardian is reporting that Steve Vander Ark, who yesterday lost a key copyright case brought against him in Manhattan by JK Rowling, plans to write another Harry Potter-based book.  “Obviously I do a lot of research on Harry Potter, And the more research I did the more I realised that the places in the books were places in the world, particularly those in the west country, because she went to university in Exeter.”  He plans to publish In Search of Harry Potter, a book based on this research, next month.

I wish him well, though I agree that his Lexicon was a blatant breach of Rowling’s copyright.  The Potter books will enter the public domain sooner or later.  Until then the author and her estate have a right to protect a rich capital resource, to which Vander Ark has as yet contributed nothing of lasting value.


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  1. But will it be allowed in the Wasilla Public Library?

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