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Gay agenda is winning

Ed Brayton reports in his blog on the Human Rights Campaign‘s progress in maintaining its Corporate Equality Index.  He observes that American corporations are well ahead of the government in recognising the rights of sexual minorities in the workplace.  This year the index jumped by one third.

As Ed observes, if an American homophobe or religious nutter wants to make his mark in reversing this success, “You can’t fly on American Airlines, Continental or US Airways, both of which scored a perfect 100. You might also want to avoid United, Southwest, Delta, Northwest, and JetBlue; all scored above 80. In fact, Sarah Palin is gonna have a difficult time flying anywhere since Alaska Airlines also got a perfect score. Who can you fly? Well, you could try Nepal Airlines, the faith-based airline that sacrifices goats to appease God. On second thought, that won’t work either. Nepal Airlines has two planes, both of them made by Boeing; Boeing got a perfect 100 too. Go Greyhound!”

In Europe, the effects are felt all the more strongly because the governments here are mostly behind these advances in human rights.  Since 2001, all Western European nations except Portugal have given official government recognition to some kind of non-heterosexual civil union or marriage.  Of course religious people are stupidly complaining these advances infringe on their putative right to treat some people in a different way because of their feelings about homosexuality.  That’s one more ancient and dishonorable bit of vileness dispelled from the world.


3 Responses

  1. This makes me happy! I knew things were looking up for the world when Gallup announced this summer that over half the US don’t have a problem with different sexualities. I hope to see the growth toward acceptance continue.

  2. I came to adulthood in the seventies, just years after gay sex was decriminalized in Britain (1967). Just ten years ago the age-of-consent law was finally equalized (16 for homosexual sex as well as heterosexual sex). So with that perspective maybe you’ll see why I feel so optimistic. I’ve got a good memory so I remember what it was like. This 1961 film, Victim, the first British film to cover the issue in a sympathetic way, shows how much things have changed.

    In America, it took the Stonewall riots to stop a long history of police harassment of homosexuals. These events are all within my lifetime. To me it’s like they happened yesterday. No going back there.

  3. Keep up the good work.

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