Tangled Bank #113

Science wonks and wonkettes lusting for more of the hard stuff can head over to En Tequila Es Verdad for issue number 113 of the science blog carnival, Tangled Bank.  I’ve got two items on there myself.

Men’s marital behavior may be influenced by vasopressin receptor gene

A variant of a gene for a peptide hormone receptor has been implicated in marital discord

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When faith kills: part 1, Kara Neumann

“It’s like Jonestown in slow motion” -Shawn Francis Peters

Eleven-year-old Madeline Neumann, “Kara” to her parents, was very ill, but her parents, Dale and Leilani, didn’t take her to see a doctor.  In fact, Kara had not seen a doctor since she was three years old.  Dale believed that her illness was a test of faith, and Leilani believed that Kara was under spiritual attack.  So they prayed.  They read the bible and believed it when it said healing comes from God.  Kara died, in her home in Weston, Wisconsin, last Easter Sunday.

Her body was taken to the Emergency Room at St Clare’s hospital in Weston, where Medical Examiner John Larson asked them about funeral arrangements.

We won’t need one,” was the reply. “She will be alive tomorrow.”
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