Palin: forget the personal stuff, this is serious

Forget Sarah Palin’s private life. Who cares.  The issue to watch is Troopergate.

The Alaska legislature has appointed an independent investigator to look into the circumstances surrounding the firing by Governor Palin last month of the state’s Public Safety Commissioner, Walter Monegan.  Palin says it was over performance-related issues, Monegan says it was because he was reluctant to fire a State Trooper, Mike Wooten.

“Who he?” You may well ask.  Mike Wooten is Sarah Palin’s former brother-in-law.  In 2006, Wooten was disciplined over allegations that he made a death threat against Chuck Heath, Palin’s father, which he denied making.  Wooten is also involved in a custody dispute with Sarah’s sister Molly, who filed for divorce in 2005.

Monegan was hired in December, 2007, when he had just retired as police chief of Anchorage.  In January this year Palin’s husband Todd called him into the Governor’s office and asked him to look over the Wooten case again.  He said he couldn’t do anything as the case was closed.   Monegan says Governor Palin also approached him twice, in January and February, asking him to do something about Wooten.  Monegan also reports receiving calls from three Palin appointees.

Monegan alleges that his July firing was because of his reluctance to respond to pressure.  At the end of July, a bipartisan committee voted unanimously to appoint an  independent investigator to look into the matter.  The investigator is set to deliver his report on October 31…

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