A warning: this is not my usual content.  Some of this will disturb you.
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God on trial?

UPDATE: This play has now been broadcast.  If you’re looking for a review, see my other article.  This article was originally posted here on August 19.

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Pennsylvania University museum exhibition refutes “Intelligent Design”

The Wall Street Journal recently carried an article about the new multimedia exhibition at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, “Surviving: The Body of Evidence”.   Using exhibits such as a life-sized transparent model of a recumbent woman, the exhibition demonstrates the features that life has evolved to enable it to survive.  The message is that our bodies, being a product of natural selection, are functional, but far from perfect.  The exhibition took five years to put together, and was created by Janet Monge and Alan Mann, two academics who formerly taught a course on human adaptation at the university.  It is part of a year long Philadelphia-base project known as the Year of Evolution.